Where to find custom keycaps for UHK?

I bought JakeTsai Double Shot KeyCaps on Amazon.


nice! do you know what type of keycap the backspace is? It seems to fit perfectly

It’s a 1.5u row 1 key, incredibly hard to find. You can get 1.5u row 2 “delete” keys more easily, but they are always just a tad off. I can’t quite see from the photo above whether their BACKSPACE was row 1 or row 2.

I assume the BACKSPACE is row 2 or row 3, I am unsure. So it does not fit perfectly, but I think it is okay.

PBTfans Frontier works quite well on the UHK:

These are thick (> 1.5mm) double-shot PBT, cherry profile keycaps. This set has all the correct keycaps for the ISO layout except for the backspace key which is an R2 instead of an R1. Including an R4X 1.75U keycap for the spacebar and R4X 1U keycaps for the key cluster module in the optional 40s kit. However you need 2 40s kits if you also want a spacebar keycap for the mod key. Otherwise you can use one of the R4 or R3 1.75U keys. On the ANSI layout you need to replace the 3rd R4 2.25U keycap with an R3 one.


Isn’t Cherry slightly lower than the OEM profile of the original UHK caps? Do the modifiers feel slightly off from the alpha keys?

Yes, the Cherry profile is lower than the default OEM profile. Also the slope angle is slightly different on some rows. However I’ve replaced all keycaps with ones from the Frontier set, so they are all Cherry profile. So everything except the backspace key is consistent. The Frontier alphas have yellow lettering. In reality the yellow looks somewhat darker and more vibrant than in the picture.

I’m using ePBT Aesthetic, which I bought from KBDFans, which is available on a few other sites as well. The minibars set or the 40s set include two 1.75u R4X keys for space/mod, albeit of different colors

It works pretty well except for a few compromises:
It’s missing an R2 1U backslash but there are a few other R2 1U keys you can substitute
No R1 1.5U backspace but there is an R2 1.5U one
There’s no standard R4 2.25U keys available for right control, but there’s an R4X 2.25U in the 40s/minibars set and an R3 2.25U key in the novelties set


I love MT3 sets from Drop. If you get an Ortho set, it fits UHK almost perfectly


Ehhh… Close enough. Still looking for a suitable Backspace.

YMDK Virtual War ZDA caps (0.9mm taller than standard XDA) & some light grey XDA spacebars.


Are these uniform (same profile on all rows) like XDA?

Yes. Eyeballing them, their sculpt seems exactly the same, just a little taller.

Despite that post I made, I thought it might be worth mentioning here that you can now make your own custom keycaps for the UHK on Yuzu Keycaps.

They are premium dye sub keycaps manufactured by Keyreative, and we offer the exact UHK layout, in both ANSI and ISO version. I’m looking forward to hear what you guys think of our new app!


Are there vectors/source files for the fonts/key graphics? I’d love to maintain the look and feel design-wise if I were to say, move the backspace arrow into a R4X 1.75U key. Or print the “Delete” text on a R4X 1U on the key cluster.

For now, I can only share the files used for the UHK 60 v1:

uhk-layout-print-top.pdf (59.8 KB)
uhk-layout-print-side.pdf (47.7 KB)

I’ve just asked our keycap supplier whether we can publish the UHK 60 v2 keycap files. They’ll get back to us later.

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Wow, thank you very much! This is great. I look forward to the V2 ones.

Our keycap supplier replied that they don’t release keycap files in any format.

Oh really? That’s such a shame. Thank you for asking though.

I’ve just now ordered an extra set of Blank ANSI black keys and OS Keys! I’m excited to customize the keyboard further with OEM keys.