Where to find custom keycaps for UHK?

I was wondering where I can find fitting backlit keycaps for the UHK in different color?

They should fit perfectly like the original caps ( is there a standard type?) and they should have some transparent part for letting the backlit through and should have no layout.

Are there any recommended online shops to get such keycaps? For my old keyboard I was using https://www.wasdkeyboards.com but all the keys I have are higher then the original ones.


The “Replacement keycap sets” section of the Layout and keycaps - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard page is the best resource that comes to my mind, but it’s not quite what you’re looking for.

I have yet to announce this nascent forum via our newsletter, which I plan to do in about a month, at which point your question will hopefully receive a couple of replies.

Thank you, the section you posted already helped alot.

Unfortunately its very hard to find such keycaps with no layout but some part of transparency to it so that the backlit can shine through…

Maybe some other users will have an idea…

I haven’t found any other blank keycap set with transparent part (apart from the dygma ones, but they are abs if I am not mistaken).

I bought myself a nice blank DSA YMDK set on amazon (without transparency). It still looks great with the leds imo, because you see the color around the edges of the keycaps. I also prefer the DSA profile over the OEM profile the UHK comes with. Though you will definitely find a ton of OEM profile keycaps on amazon as well.


yea this looks nice, but it would be nicer if there was a transparent dot tbh, or any other symbol which shines through.

To each their own I guess - I prefer it that way, but can totally understand, that one might feel differently. :man_shrugging:

MT3 sets from Drop fit almost perfectly (especially if you opt for an ortholinear set instead of a classic QWERTY one), but, as you can see, some keycaps are on the wrong places (like Control, Shift and + on the rightmost column of the right half)


I ended up getting https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B09J1HMJV9 which, well, looks great and is XDA profile. However, the non-standard right most keys and the non-standard space bar are keys that I still need to figure out some solution for, since there isn’t any compatible keycaps in that set. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to find something like the blank keycap set like the ones UHK’s website has (with a translucent dot – they’re also OEM which is a profile that doesn’t work for me).

yes I am looking for something similar, it does not have to be a dot, maybe also transparent keycaps (with no layout) will work, but I can not find anything like that

I found a promising shop with some options: https://www.maxkeyboard.com
However when I f.e. want to buy this one Max Universal Cherry MX Black Translucent Full Keycap Set (Blank)

I will have to buy 2 of them to get all the keys I guess, I am still worried about the UHK right most keys since they are shorter…

I ended up designing my own in OpenSCAD to 3dprint. Currently it only has VIM keys but happy to make more versions. Not as nice as proper molded keycaps but they do the job.


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They look really nice, this could be an option for the backspace R1 1.5 since I don’t see this key anywhere in any keysets.
I am also wondering @oneiro which key you used for the backspace in your setup?

Just wondering why do you want custom keycaps? Because of looks or because of how they feel/ type on? Because otherwise I think the keycaps are really nice in UHK v2. 'Love that the are high-quality and shine-through and come with a default layout which makes sense (F-keys, tab-management…).

Only for customization reasons. The original keycaps feel great, but I do not like the dot since I am using no layout, also a different color would be nice :slight_smile:

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I’ve spent quite a bit of time modding the UHK with keycaps. There are a number of my posts on reddit. (Back then there was no UHK forum :wink:)

I hope it’s ok if I link to some of those posts from here. You’ll find some tips there what to look for.


Right now I am working on a “black-on-black” layout:

The right hand side of the UHK is difficult, particularly the top right corner backspace. Same-row profiles are easier (XDA, DSA). Backlight adds another twist of difficulty.

Feel free to shoot questions. Most of the time it is a lot of hunt and seek until you find the particular set that works, or often you need to combine a few.

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I am using “ice cap” (white) keys on my UHK-1 from pimpmykeyboard.
The original ABS caps did loose their prints too early for me, for this reason I did go for PBT caps.
I did not want to pay too much money for the caps after I just bought the UHK, so all keys have the same height (row 3).

Black on black looks really nice.
Well I found manufacturers which can give me a set with all the keys, only the backspace is something noone can do :slight_smile:
and yea backlit is another thing :slight_smile:

For me it’s mostly keycap profile. I don’t like the OEM profile that comes with the keyboard - I prefer MT3 profile instead.

Ah, MT3… :wink:

That’s MT3 Godspeed on a UHK60 v1 with Colemak layout.

Looks great, and I did not like the feel of MT3 so much. Went back to SA and GMK.

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Btw, I can recommend “Pudding v2” keycaps on the UHK60 v2. The backlight looks really nice on them. You just cannot fit them properly on the right hand side, nor the space bars. They are, however, OEM profile and can be combined with the original UHK caps:

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