UHKv3 when is it expected to be planned?

Is a 3rd version planned in the few coming years ?

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There have been several posts (here is one relevant thread) that new versions are worked on, but no timeline will be given. So it could be a month or a year or three or …? We do not know!


I totally agree and do not understand “secrecy” behind products. By the way UHK is not Apple. Al least give hints would be awesome.

Previously you shared information by posts about how progress is going :pleading_face:


Leaking our development progress and product roadmap would:

  • Lower current sales in anticipation of new product releases, which can be especially bad if products are delayed, which tends to happen.
  • Increase our communication overhead; We’re a small company, I largely want to keep it this way, and focus on product development instead of communication.
  • Give our competitors a headstart when it comes to creating competing products, which happened in the past.

We previously shared our progress because of pending pre-orders, but new products will be readily available in the future.

We’ll release new products via our newsletter and blog, and I don’t want to change our current policy.


This presents an intriguing dilemma for both manufacturers and consumers. For instance, I’m considering buying a wireless, low-profile split keyboard because I prefer a cord-free desk. If I knew UHK was going to release a product that meets this need, I would wait for their launch instead of purchasing the Lily58 Pro.

From the company’s perspective, owners likely worry about competitors copying their ideas and releasing products more quickly, or that announcing a new model might stall sales of their current products as customers wait for the newer version.

The split keyboard market is quite dynamic, with products like the Dygma Raise 2 and Naya Create offering modular, wireless, or low-profile designs. In such a competitive environment, it could be beneficial for companies to inform loyal customers about upcoming products that will compete with or surpass those currently available or soon to be released.

However, as I’m not a product owner, I don’t fully grasp the complexities of market strategy and competition.

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the memories of the module release years and the uhk v2 “its shipping next week” for a year may be too raw for them.
Announce and ship when ready is the way to go.

We do not know about low-profile AFAIK, but wireless is planned, according to a comment from the UHK team on a recent YT video. When that will be ready we do not know. I would buy another keyboard if that is relevant for me today. You still can sell it, when a UHK comes out and you prefer that.