The "low profile" UHK

Hey all

Just thought I’d share with you my UHK with these new tecsee medium tactile switches that are doing the rounds at the moment - they seem to be getting a bit of interest in the ergo mech keyboard world.

It’s quite hard to see from that photo, but they’re quite low profile, but they work with your existing boards and keycaps. The keys are sat quite lower than normal, and for me it feels really nice - more like a apple keyboard I suppose.

My only issue is some of the keys are quite loose - the H key in particular keeps falling off!

Just thought you might like to see this :slight_smile:


Good to see, you’ve found something you like and have fun with.

Credits for these pictures, source: Tecsee Medium Switches – Divinikey


Imagine going XDA, DSA keycaps, low-profile might be just around the corner.

Have a nice day and happy typing.


Thanks for sharing! I’ve only heard about Gazzew Low Profile Switches so far, which are MX-compatible. Nice to hear about other options.

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This is encouraging to see, I went looking a while back for MX-socket and keycap compatible low-profile switches and wasn’t able to find anything. It looks like everyone stocking the Gazzew and Tecsee are out of stock, hopefully other manufacturers will start producing these as well.

I found my switches on aliexpress.

One thing to note - you also need to get some low profile stabilisers. I’ve got some, but I’m scared to fit them to this keyboard, so the right shift and control are still on old switches.

Oh, that’s really interesting. I wasn’t aware there are lower profile options for MX-compatible keyswitches. Thanks for sharing this!

In stock, if the information provided is valid: Tecsee V3 Stabilizers für Medium Switch - - - Tecsee Medium Linear Switch -

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