Module recomendation to avoid using the mouse

Hi everyone,

Currently, I have the UHK v2 without modules, and I am loving it.

What are your recommendations/opinions regarding the mouse modules?
The main usage, its browser, Visual Studio/Code and read/edit documentation.

Can I actually live without a mouse? Or I should get the Apple Magic Trackpad?
Since with shipping fees, the price won’t be that different.
I prefer the first option, if it’s viable, to avoid one more item in the table.

I’ll also keep my current mouse for some sporadic gaming (shooters).

Thank you

Given your use case (and the fact that you’ll still use the mouse for gaming), I’d say it might be more beneficial (and definitely cheaper) for you to learn hotkeys for VSCode and install a VIM-like plugin for a browser.

As for the modules - I use both a key cluster and a trackball. I prefer trackballs over regular mouses and trackball+key cluster complement each other perfectly so you don’t have to move your hands out of the keyboard at all.

I love the trackball module. (I am generally a trackball enthusiast, and so probably unfairly biased towards it.) Admittedly, it does require gentle and smart hands, and takes some time to get used to (~1 week in my case).

I definitely do recommend to learn vim bindings, but I don’t agree with the philosophy that mouse should be avoided at all costs in VIM. Sure, you want to be able to use VIM completely without mouse, but at the end of the day, mouse controlled via UHK modules is very handy for big imprecise jumps and moving around (scrolling…), since UHK modules diminish the cost of switching to the mouse control. (I still use vim motions for precise control of cursor position, edit commands, selecting etc…)

So, If you are a touchpad enthusiast, pick between the Apple Magic Trackpad and the UHK touchpad module. (The cons of the module is that it is very narrow. Pros of the module is its integration with UHK, which allows using it with various navigation modes and other advanced configurations.)

Otherwise pick between trackpoint and trackball whichever suits you.

I personally use the mouse keys exclusively with the touchpoint available as a fallback for those rare times I actually need a mouse. I can’t speak much for the gaming use case, but most of what you do with a mouse is pointing and clicking, for which mouse keys is perfectly suited.

Edit: Here’s where I shared my settings:

I’m using the keycluster and the trackpoint module.
IMO the trackpoint is useful when you have a lot of screens of big screens as you can move the cursor all over the place with just one move of you thumb.
I never use a mouse anymore except for when I’m gaming. Nothing beats a mouse when playing any kind of shooter I think.

Thanks for the replies.

Well, it seems that’s not a simple suggestion, let specify the setup.
Currently, I have a KVM that switches from the corporate laptop to my tower pc, where I do my own projects/dev and some gaming. The mouse isn’t plugged in the KVM. The idea is to have the UHK keyboard in the KVM.
The laptop is fully protected and I cannot install anything, not even running portable apps. Because of that, acquiring the Magic Trackpad might not be the best option.

I have 2/3 screens, two FHD and the main one is a 2K. So, the mouse has to travel a little bit between edges.

The UHK touchpad would be my first option, but as @kareltucek mention, is very narrow, and from the example videos I tend to agree. For that reason, sadly, I’m gonna exclude it from the list.

That leaves the Trackpoint and the Trackball, I don’t have any preference, since I don’t even remember the last time I used either of them. Can I get way with one of them without purchasing the key cluster?

Thanks again for the help.


Will it affect the experience? If it actually helps, so be it :sweat_smile:

Not much. The keycluster gives you just a few more keys. Nothing vital.

As to the mini-trackball of the keycluster, I am not a fan of it. I find that for all practical purposes (e.g., scrolling), using navigation modes with right side module (e.g., mod+trackball yields scrolling) is more practical.

I think the trackpoint is better then, because you just can keep moving the cursor till you reach the screen. All other option force you to swipe or roll multiple times. Trackpoint is king anyways (IMO of course :slight_smile: )