Managing Multi language support via Macros

Hello all

I was reading this thread and I find it similar to my situation. During the day I switch between English and Portuguese too many times, and being able to switch the input language would be a big improvement in QoL.

I am not looking into anything “automatic”, it might end up being a feature request of the agent.
So what I think that could work in these situations, is that on top of switching keymaps, it would be possible to append/execute a macro/script that would deal with the OS and changes the input language of the OS.

I don’t know if there is an alternative, if there is please let me know

Thank you

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Kxp -

What O/S are you using?

How did you switch input languages before getting a UHK keyboard?

I use Mac, so can only speak to that, hopefully helpful to you.
“System Settings” option to change languages by a quick tap on Caps Lock key.
Toggles back and forth between English and Thai on any keyboard.



In UHK Agent re-map any other key to do the same thing.
I have remapped one key in the “cluster” to do this.
Big improvement in QoL, because only one key tap … not 2-finger “cord”.
And that key is directly under left thumb.


Hi Peter, I forgot to mention that, I am mainly on Windows.
Before having UHK I didn’t need to switch, because the Portuguese layout is nearish 100% compatible with english input method.

Windows has a shortcut to switch input languages near the watch, its also possible to set a keybind, I disabled the default one, because its very similar to another keybind that I normaly use.

I could do something similar, it would work, but if we could attach a secondary action in the agent for keymap case would be perfect.

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Kxp -

It is 55 years since I studied Portuguese (in Brazil) so I don’t remember much.

I suggest use Agent to re-map, so when you need that character in Portuguese, just tap, say, “Mod” and the key … no need to switch languages at all.

Example … canções

Type … c - a - n - [Mod]+c - [Mod]+o - e - s

Of course, if typing a lot of Portuguese text all at once, then switch languages in Windows.

:portugal: here! You can create a macro that sends the OS layout shortcut keystrokes and then changes the keymap.

That said, I stopped doing that. Instead, I configure my OS (mac and windows) to use a layout they often call US International, which waits for another keystroke after chars like ‘. By pressing ‘ + c you get ç, likewise for ^ + e.

Instead of using mod key, I made a keymap with all the PT chars and they work, its only part of the ideal solution.

That is actually my current solution, the alternative looks interesting, I’ll have to check some of the shortcuts.