Do multi-linguals map into layers, or let computer handle the keyboard?

I am total newbie to UHK — less than 24 hours!
So this question may sound very elementary …

I type in two languages (English and Thai).
My MAC takes care of switching between the two, using a single hot key.

Question: Is there any benefit to mapping the second language (Thai) to a UHK layer??
Or just let the Mac OS take care of that as before?

Reason for asking is – as can be seen from the Keyboard Viewer below – the Mac does not recognize the UHK layout.
Will that lead to any problems in future?

Thank you for any insight about this.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 11.46.41 PM

Screen print above made with UHK plugged in and working.

Glad you got your UHK!

It’s generally better to let your OS do the layout switching because USB keyboards, such as the UHK, don’t set characters but scancodes, resulting in potential complications.

Operating systems are unaware of the actual printing of keycaps, so the keyboard viewer is not mistaken in this respect.

Thank you

Thank you for that advice.
You saved me time and effort and avoided potential complications.

(typed on my UHK)