Longer Bridge Cable

I want to replace the spiral cable with a longer, straight one. Following guidelines on the knowledge base, I chose this cable:

It seems to have cross-over wiring of the jacks, as required. And yet I cannot get it to work.

I wish UHK would offer an alternative of their own, but could not find anything on the shop page.

Does anyone know of a non-spiral bridge cable that DOES work reliably?

I’ve made my one. Just bought a long spiral cable, cut in the middle, and set the RJ9 connector on the free side.

First, I’d suggest checking if the cable works by checking each pin. Ampermeter would work. If it does, it should just work.

Thanks Felixoid,

I have neither experience nor equipment to tinker with soldering and ampermeter. If nothing else turns up, I might have no choice, though, and end up following your advice. Or rather, get help from someone who has the necessary tools to pull it off.

Still hoping for a ready-made solution, a cable that works out of the box. The one I bought does not. Judging from the colors inside the jacks, the wiring does indeed cross over. And yet, it has malfunctions. And when I fire up Agent, one side of the UHK goes dark.

I am sure there must be cables out there, that others have used successfully. Hopefully, one of them reads my post and can link me to Amazon or any other vendor.

Would you take a photo of your cable with the wiring of the connectors visible and oriented at the same angle?

I no longer have it. Sent it back for a refund, since it does not work with my UHK and I don’t have any other use for it.

The product description does not explicitly specify it as cross-over. But I can confirm that the connectors looked like the ones on the product photo:

Which seemed cross-over to me, despite the colors being different from the example provided by UHK:

I ordered from the ebay seller listed in the knowledgebase; it worked just fine!

(2 Pack) Black RJ9 4P4C Straight or Reverse Cable. Custom Size From 2" - 10ft | eBay

Thank you aaronh78
Great link. Custom sizes available, and it even explicitly offers the “reverse” wiring as an option to choose from.

Tried to find something similar on Ebay Germany, but no luck. For some strange reason, this kind of cable is ridiculously hard to get over here. Went ahead and ordered it from overseas.

This longer spiral cable worked for me:

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Thank you blaise, I really appreciate it.
Seems like RJ9 jacks are ubiquitous in the U.S., but over here they are hard to get by. RJ11, RJ12, RJwhatever — no problem at all. But to find an RJ9, not to mention cross-over…

Anyway, good to know what works and that I can order them from abroad. Thanks for the link!

The cable wiring you showed in the photo looks good, but the seller may have provided the wrong wiring. It’s always worth checking.

In general, it’s a good idea to search for 4P4C cables as the 4P4C naming is explicit, unlike RJ* namings.

Actually, I did search for 4P4C first, but no cross-over among them.
Confusing array of different jacks. Seems like Germans go overboard with their own flavors of phone cables (TAE-F and TAE-N etc).

So I figured I had to refine my search. After entering RJ9, I did come across cross-over cables. Well, none of the descriptions mentioned it explicitly. I had to judge from the product photos.

The cable I had originally ordered, might have been the right cable after all. But it was definitely malfunctioning. Anyway, looking forward to the delivery of the new one I ordered.

Thanks for your help!

I understand, and sorry for the hassle! Eventually, we’ll add a longer bridge cable to our webshop.

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Good idea. Makes things a lot easier, not having to dig deeper into the various plug architectures.

Let me add that I am extremely satisfied with my UHK experience. The keyboard surpasses my highest expectations. Everything about it is excellent. The new per-key backlighting the icing on the cake.

After wasting years and tons of money on other products, my search for the perfect board has finally come to an end.

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Thanks for your kind words; It means the world to us!

Good morning,

the following cable, 2m, works fine out of the box for me: https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07W4RL176/ref=pe_27091401_487024491_TE_item?th=1

4m is having problems!

Have a nice day

Thank you Makami. Also for letting me know to better steer clear of the 4m version.

When zooming in on the product image, it does not seem to be cross-over at all. As usual, German Amazon says nothing about the wiring, whether it is cross-over or not. I would have never dared ordering it. Really interesting that it works for you. And very confusing. I assume, the real cable is indeed cross-over, in contrast to the product image.

Meanwhile, I have already ordered a cable from overseas. Not coiled, non-spiral.
Glad to have this forum and getting so much feedback!

It is crossover and working fine!

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I like both, your combination of keycaps and the backlighting you have set up. :sunglasses:

Thank you.

I’ve set up both halves with a couple of vivo arm rest supports, but obviously the bridge cable is less than ideal as I have to keep plugging/unplugging it to stand up. I’m actually afraid of wearing down the 4P4C ports. Is there any change I could get a 2m non spiral cable to pass it around the back of the chair somewhere, maybe custom made? Or is it not feasible for this distance?

edit: actually just found the ebay link in the KB. Straight / 10 ft / Black should work right? Or does it have to be reverse?