Longer Bridge Cable

10 feet may work depending on the interference, but the shorter, the better. It’s an option to buy a crimping tool for the cheap and minimize the cable length. The wiring must be cross-over.

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Picked up this same one and it’s working great. Thanks for linking!

This is the biggest gripe I have of the UHK. The design choice of using a reverse cable makes 99.99% of available cables unusable. I’ve spent literally hours trying to find a ready cable with delivery to Finland, and my only options are spending $30 on the US-based ebay seller and waiting 3-5 weeks for delivery (no faster option available) or spending 100€ on a stripper-crimper tool to create a single cable. :disappointed:

I knew from the start that the 30cm cable would not be nearly long enough for me, and had there been a longer cable available I would have ordered it in a heartbeat.

Back in the day, when I researched whether we should use straight-through or cross-over wiring, I found no evidence of straight-through being more popular. On the contrary, cross-over seemed more popular based on the cables I could get.

If you search for “4P4C crimping tool” on AliExpress, you can find one for about $5, which is suitable for this task.

I’m sorry about your experience, and we plan to provide a longer cable eventually.

Everyone who wants a longer bridge cable, please state the length of your ideal straight (not spiral) cable. We plan to supply a longer cable eventually, and we could use your feedback.


Edit: Let me bring it up to 55-60cm. Always good to have some slack. And to account for tenting or fanning out.

55-60cm. Just measured and my keyboard halves are 55cm apart (measured from the cable sockets). I move my UHK around a lot though, and the separation probably varies between 45cm and 55cm in normal use. (I used to use them closer together, but discovered it was more comfortable to have them wider apart and remove the keyboard feet.)

Same here, 55-60cm. I am a large broad-shouldered guy and I like to have my arms pointing straight in front of me or even fanned out to my sides rather than pointing inwards towards my chest.

I bought this cable pack, but unfortunately, they don’t work for me on my recently acquired V2 keyboard. The lefthand side lights with a different shade of LED color, but no keystrokes come through.

The extended length of this cable is rather long, and it’s not guaranteed to work with the UHK.

I’m working on procuring an excellent cable, but no ETA yet.


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I’ve returned the coiled phone cable to Amazon and purchased a 2 ft crossover cable from the company on Ebay that was suggested. It works great, though doesn’t look as slick.

Hi, I’d like to source a longer bridge cable & I’m confused what to get. I’m in Australia & bought this 4p4c , but it produced wierd results. What do I need to look for? Can anyone paste a link that’s compatible with the V2?

Update… after buying a second cable which did not work, I got frustrated & manually stretched the standard supplied cable. Problem solved.

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I had somewhat similar issues. Got a crossed 4p4c rj9 cable but had issues with it. It was a lot more susceptible to disturbances compared to the original one. I just stretched my og bridge cable a bit.

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