Just wanted to say hi and ask for any tips while waiting for my UHK

Hello all,

I’ve gone through quite a few keyboards and mice in search of the right combo. Vertical mice help some but not enough. I started looking for keyboards with integrated mice, wasn’t interested in building or 3d printing my own, and then I stumbled across the UHK and knew it was what I was after.

Kinda balked at the price tag at first to be honest but I’m hoping it is well worth the price of entry.

I’m mostly in Firefox, IntelliJ, iTerm2, Bear, and Things on macOS. I’m already trying to utilize IdeaVim, Vimium in Firefox, and I have been toying with Raycast as a launcher too.

Just looking for any tips or suggestions you’ve found helpful. I got the trackball and keycluster module – trying to reduce the mouse usage as much as possible and I’d like to only use the UHK and modules, no other mouse.

Hi there, and thanks for your support and kind words!

I think it’s worth reading the product manuals to get familiar with UHK and module features, including the default convenience shortcuts.

Currently, module settings are a bit cumbersome to tweak via smart macros, but we’ll offer dedicated pages in Agent soon.

Thanks! Got it today and the quality is outstanding.

Definitely taking some time to get used to though. Lack of escape key and I’m so used to the Mac-style keyboards with the cmd key!

I’m determined to make the keyboard work. Nothing else on the market has the features I want.

Trying to get around in IntelliJ right now is painful. Gonna persist and try to get some new muscle memory going. I have no idea how people switch between different OSs or keyboards on a regular basis.

update: slowly discovering the power of that mod key. much better than making the number 4 with my hand tryin’ to hit that alt/cmd key lol

Glad to hear you’re getting the hang of it!

Might want to switch Escape and tilde.

Thanks! I think I’m getting used to the provided Esc maps. I’m making more typos than normal but I’m kind of wondering if there is an issue with my d key. It seems to be repeating, both when typing and when using the Mod key to switch tabs. I’m going to try it on another computer and see if it keeps happening or if I’m just not used to the design yet. I’ve followed the rest of the trouble shooting tips on the website. It’s on the latest firmware with Agent.

Not sure what exactly happened but when I came down in the morning it wouldn’t turn on and it flashed something on the display real quick. I had to unplug it and plug it back in. Neither my monitor nor macbook turned on until I removed the UHK. I have an Anker dock, but the UHK is directly plugged into the mac via usb-c.

When I turned on the i2cRecovery debuging, it was at 36. Currently at 45 and watching it grow. Also getting the string `12345 getting typed in random places. Is that a sign of interference, from what I read on the troubleshooting page?

It may very well be a sign of interference. It’s worth checking the points. Sometimes, it’s challenging to find the root cause.

I am unsure what the source of the interference was exactly but it was in the 100s, I did uninstall Logi Options and reboot and it has gone up to 32 and stayed there.

It’s only the d key though. I’ve taken the keycap and switch off with the provided puller. I’m pretty new to all this but it looked straight, clean, couldn’t see any issues.

I’m 100% willing to say it may be user error lol. But I’m not having issues with any other keys – small typos maybe, but with the d key I am either getting 1) nothing upon key press 2) double d 3) d, space, another d. I had to edit this post heavily for that letter lol.

That is my only complaint with the keyboard. Other than that I love it and am quickly getting use to it. Should I just try to replace the switch?

The switch may be perfect. Please remove it with the switch puller, slightly bend its pins, and reseat it.

You know I read that and assumed it only applied if the switch appeared to be bent already.

So it is just not making proper contact then? Seems to have worked, fingers crossed.

@jc0 Yes, hopefully, this has solved the issue.

Welcome to the club! I was also using a vertical mouse before switching to the UHK. I purchased both the trackball and trackpoint modules, of which I preferred the trackpoint.

However I have since completely switched to using mouse keys, something that appears to be less common here. I definitely recommend giving it a shot. Now that I’ve gotten used to this I don’t ever want to use a dedicated mouse (module or otherwise) again.

Here’s a link where I shared my settings:

As for getting used to the device, don’t try and map every single thing at once and try and memorize it all. I did that at first and found I was creating headaches for myself. Map things as you find yourself needing them, and be prepared to tweak the layout until you find something that fits your personal comfort and usability preferences. I’ve had my device for a few months now and I haven’t touched my layout in weeks.

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