Anyone tried a mechcables custom cable?

I transport my keyboard somewhat often so I’d like to get a usb cable with a quick disconnect to facilitate that. The Mechcables seems like a decent option but I’m worried they might be a little big. Their thinnest cables look to be 4.2mm while I measured the UHK included cable at ~3.8mm. Also the included usb-c connection has a pretty slim profile.

So has anyone tried a custom cable that fits?

Hi, did you check this post? Magnet cable modding for v2
That’s surely one of the best solution I’ve seen if you need a quick and frequent disconnect

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As a simpler version, I am using a 5cm extension cable and a magnetic adapter. The extension cable hangs loosely from the keyboard, which is not very aesthetic, but works fine.

Namely these two:

I did see that post, it’s very cool. Unfortunately I have 2 small children at the moment and not enough time to tinker with something that invasive. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Yeah that would certainly be a much less expensive option. Maybe I’ll search around for an extender that might fit in the existing cable holder.