Wishlist for future hardware mods/updates

Hey folks,

After having my UHK for about a month, I’m loving it. The level of flexibility in the configuration is great, once I got my head around the macro engine… I’m now spending way too long tinkering with layouts to try new things to make typing more comfortable :sweat_smile:

Combined with the modules, they’ve solved my main reason for buying the UHK in the first place, namely removing the constant hand movements to and from my separate trackball for adjusting the screen magnifier zoom level and position (something I do literally hundreds of times a day).

Having said that, there’s a few suggestions on the hardware side that I think would make for an even better ergo experience, and was interested in what others think!

Here’s my list:

A bigger ball in the trackball module. The current trackball module is really useful and convenient, to the extent that I no longer use my separate trackball mouse! However, the ball is too small to be used with the thumb (accuracy really suffers…) and not optimally placed for finger use (need to move a long way from the home row).

I’d love to see a version of the trackball module with a ball at least 2-3 times larger, and located closer to the home row. I think going all-in on designing for finger operation would be better than trying to compromise between finger and thumb operation. If I had the skills/tools, I’d love to try making a housing for ploopy nano or similar that would slot in where the trackball module sits…

Switch to a wheel/rotary instead of mini-trackball in the key cluster module. The functionality of the tiny trackball in the key cluster is really useful! I currently use it to control the screen magnifier zoom level, which as I mentioned above, I do literally hundreds of times a day. It is, however, VERY tricky to control accurately with the thumb. I suspect that some sort of low-profile mouse wheel or rotary encoder would be much more usable (at the expense of one axis of input). I’m thinking this could potentially be mounted horizontally, below the mouse buttons of the current module design.

Both of these changes are probably pretty tricky from a design/manufacturing pov, but I think they’d make a huge improvement to the overall experience!

Have 4 1u buttons in the bottom right. For those who just can’t do without dedicated navigation keys, having a contiguous set of 1u keys in the bottom right that could serve this purpose would be really useful imo. Currently, if I was I need of this crutch, the differing sizes of Fn, Alt, Super and Ctrl right of Space make this feel really awful as navigation keys; things are just too far apart and unnatural! (This might just be me though :upside_down_face:)

That’s my wishlist anyway :smiley: Great to have a forum to discuss these things!


Thank you very much for your feedback, Robbie!

Your suggestions align with other customers’ suggestions, and we’ll implement some of them. Our product roadmap is not public, but we’ll announce new products and improvements via the UHK newsletter.

Yay for changing that weird bottom right side Control. It’s a pain for keycap modding. 1.25u or 1u keys are the way to go for the bottom row.


Agreed great keyboard but adding a larger trackball would be lovely!

For the right bottom side I would wish for 5 keys. One could be used for Fn or Mod for example and the other 4 for arrows. The 4 on the right side could be 1u and the remaining key (right from the space bar) takes the width of whatever is “left” (2u) or even have 6 1u keys there. An additional key for whatever one likes (mod, mouse, macro…) is never a bad idea. :slight_smile:

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The bottom right (the keys to the right of the space bar) currently is 3x 1.25u + 1x 2.25u, so it could either be 4x 1.25u + 1x 1u (my favourite), or if you want more 1u keys it could be 6x 1u.

Yes, that is another option. So there are three

  1. 4x 1.25u + 1u, but I would place them the other way around (1u + 4x 1.25u)
  2. 6x 1u
  3. 2u + 4x 1u

Overall I personally would like the 6x 1u possibly best, because of the extra key, but your suggestion would also be fine and better than the current 4 keys layout. :slight_smile:

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