Wireless options?

I got the http://handheldsci.com/kb/ working with a small battery bank. It’s pretty janky, but it works. I’m wondering if folks have tried to convert their UHK to be wireless?

Anyone know of any good OSS libraries that I can load on a microcontroller that has Bluetooth or similar RF option specifically for keyboards? While the BT-500 does the job, it’s more of a dev kit and not really a full solution; e.g. there is no battery power option, so you have to use some kind of splitter or similar to tie it all together.


i’d be interested too.

Got the BT-500 too but it felt kinda laggy compared to the wired option, especially noticeable on high refresh rate displays.

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I’d be very interested as well. I use mine while standing, so the cord gets quite inconvenient.