Will there ever be a "real" iso Layout?


I’m quite disappointed, when I come back to the shop every while and then and click on “iso” Layout and I see the wrong “enter/return” key.

I really like the uhk, the quality, haptic and everything, but this “iso” thing bugs me, big time and every time I see it for the last years.

  1. Why do you call it iso ? If you google ansi vs. iso layout, you will find pictures which ALWAYS have a large “return” key (2 rows height). In my opinion it’s misleading and does not fit my expectation of an iso layout (even though it may be technically ok’ish).

  2. Will there ever be a full iso version? As far as I can see, this would be the only key with the height of 2 rows. Is it too much pain to produce or what is the issue?

  3. When somebody selects “german layout” in a shop, they really do not expect a keyboard with ansi layout. There should be a remark in the shop. ( I know the picture shows it, but shops often have only symbol pictures ).

  4. Sure some people might think: When you use it, you get used to it… But the problem is: I work often at clients offices or in my company’s office. And every time I have to change my typing habit a bit, because everywhere (in the DACH area) you have proper iso layout. I use my uhk for some days or weeks, but (unconsciously) I slowly start using my other keyboards more and more. After a few weeks I try again …

Don’t get me wrong, I love typing on the UHK, but my mind unconsciously denies the compromise. The Keyboard is a tool I use every day for 4 to 15 hours, there is just no room for compromises.

Maybe I’m the only person with this problem? Maybe I’m just got too stubborn during the years? :slight_smile:

I was in the same position. Now I prefer ANSI layouts, because Enter is easier to reach. I have my own keymap which makes all chars easy to reach, so I do not need those extra keys any longer.

Next step for me will be to not use Enter any longer in the standard position, but find a home-row option for that. Same for Shift.

My preference for ANSI is also because when one relies on the ISO-keys one gets a problem when for example a work laptop does not offer those. I never cared what is printed on the keycaps, because I type everything blind “touch-typing”. So an ANSI keyboard is fine for me for German, Dutch or English.

Hi there!

We call it ISO for lack of a better name. Half-ISO would probably be a more apt name, but it could confuse people, and folks seldom mind the naming. We don’t plan to make a layout featuring an L-shaped Enter.

Back in the day, I came up with the layout, and my business partner, despite also being Hungarian, agreed that the L-shaped Enter makes no sense, and despite not being a programmer, he prefers ANSI. Here’s a related UHK blog post that may provide more insight.

I can see how the UHK ANSI layout can be frustrating when regularly switching keyboards with an L-shaped Enter. It’s also a nuisance when searching for alternative keycap sets.

Every decision one makes is a compromise in one way or another. I still stand behind this one.

I’ve used the ISO enter key for 20+ years, and I really don’t miss it on the UHK - it is further away, and frequently used.

Same here. But I fully understand the topic starter. It really needs a bit of practice till one feels comfortable with the (better reachable) ANSI-Enter. What I find more disturbing when switching between ANSI and ISO-keyboards (which I frequently have to do) is that the /-key (# on a German layout) is shifting the position to another row. Therefore my custom keymap which completely avoids those keys for typing standard characters and symbols.

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I also pushed the decision of buying an UHK back in the day partly due to the ANSI enter. Being so used to the L-shaped one and having to relocate one key sort of frightened me.

But coming from pretty regularly shaped keyboard I had so many other things to learn and get used to in UHK that in the end the shape of the enter key was not that big of a deal. It went along with everything else.

Well the moving of the one key on the upper row does still occasionally cause issues if I start thinking about the location instead of just rely on muscle memory.

Still, if there was a choice, I’d pick the real ISO layout over this one. Even if it would come with (smallish) extra cost. Just because all the other keyboards I have to use every now and then have that. But still, I’m glad it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me because UHK is one of the best purchases of my life.

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