Why doesn't my longer spiral connecting cable work?

Hello UHK friends!

I bought a replacement spiral cable (Amazon.co.uk) which is just a bit longer yet it doesn’t work. It appears to be wired the same (see photos). It also appears like it’s going to work; when plugged in, the left half is happy to illuminate but no keystrokes are recorded.

Any suggestions please?

Is it cross-over: Making a longer bridge cable - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard?
You should show us a picture with both plugs of your cable.

I’m using this one, 2m, and it’s working flawless: Amazon.de

Thanks for the reply. The photo above shows both ends of the good (braided) and bad (non-braided). As you can hopefully see, the order of wires appears the same in both.

I guess one possibility is signal loss due to the length of the cable :frowning:

Just to be sure, it’d be worth having one photo per cable, showing both ends in the same orientation.

So I tried another cable, this time 2m. Same behavior. Occasionally a keystroke gets thru but for the most part the left half of the keyboard is totally unresponsive despite being illuminated.

This is the cable in question: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07W4LKB1M?ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details&th=1

The pinout looks correct to me. This photo shows both ends of both cables adjacent (braided is the working UHK cable).

I will try and see if a 1m cable work…

Well, you can try to decrease the baud rate by putting set i2cBaudRate 20000 into a macro named $onInit (default is 100 000), which should make the connection more stable at the expense of responsiveness.

Otherwise, please take and post the photo Laszlo asked for. He is the one who can bring some light into this, yet he won’t do so unless you cooperate…

As a new user, the forum would not let me upload more than 1 photo. I attached a collage photo (now visible) which shows both ends of both cables pretty clearly. They appear to be the same.

I will gladly tinker with the baud rate. Also looking for that 1m cable too. Will keep you updated. Thanks for the response!

I added the baud rate command to my onInit script. It makes no discernible difference.

Looking for that shorter cable now.

I had the same problem. Helpful users recommended longer bridge cables that do work:

SUPER helpful, thanks! Annoying this seller won’t ship to UK but I get the idea I’ll try something similar that does.

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The pinout of your cable is correct. Maybe it’s too long, or its wires are too thin. A one-meter cable is worth a try.

I ordered another cable which wasn’t spiral. It’s not as nice but it works.

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