Where to find a good trackpoint cap?

Hi, I have the UHK 1 with the Trackpoint module. I’ve had it for a while now, and my Trackpoint cap is in a very bad state.

Buying only the cap from the UHK site is quite expensive due to shipping costs.

I also bought one from Amazon, but it didn’t fit well, and it makes it hard to use.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good replacement for the Trackpoint Cap?

Of these trackpoint caps, ours is either the “original size soft dome” or the “low profile soft dome” version. I’m not entirely sure. Does anyone know better?

I’ve just asked our supplier, but he may take a while to answer.

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According to our supplier, the Low Profile Soft Dome (5.5 mm) type is the one.


Yes, indeed the Low Profile Soft Dome (5.5 mm) fits very good.

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