When typing fast on UHK, characters stop being typed consistently after est 37-100 characters

I’m having an issue with my UHK. Since the recent update adding typing behavior, whenever I am typing quickly, after typing a string of around 37-100 characters at a high WPM, characters stop being typed correctly, almost as if I’m typing faster than some buffer can store and offload what is being typed. This will persist until I stop typing, and it will result in more than 75% of keys being typed (once I’ve hit this threshold) not being written for a short period of time. The amount of text I can type without this happening varies, however it that variance is narrow to “not that much text”. Its spotty but consistent

The best way I can describe it is to illustrate it here. Below, I open up a Textedit and type “this is a test” over and over at approx 110 WPM (I typically type at 140 WPM+, but slowed down to ensure 100% accuracy on my end)

This is a test this is t est this is a test this is a test this is a test this is a test this is a test this iset st this is a test this is a est thies si this is a test this is a test this i a test this is a tes thitis

The typos and errors are happening purely as a result of this bug. Sometimes the period in which the characters are not typed last a few characters and sometimes I’ll have have to literally stop typing and pause for it to start detecting keypresses again.

I’ve gone from relying on this keyboard to hardly being able to use it, so I’m hoping that this is a software bug.

My Typing Behavior settings are set to “simple” and have not been modified from defaults.

I’m using UHK v2 I’ve had only or a few months which has never left my desk (I’m confident there’s not hardware damage unless it occurred during or before shipping), keycluster + trackball. Firmware 11.0 on everything. UHK agent 4.0.2. Should be noted that I have a very vanilla UHK setup.

I am using this on the latest macOS Sonoma and a Windows 10 desktop and the issue persists on both, and the issue does not happen at all with any other external keyboards or the Mac’s internal keyboard.

I’ve noticed that removing and readding modules can sometimes “Fix it”, but since the periods of time when the characters stop being written varies so much, then the modules as a root cause might be straight up placebo.

I’m happy to undergo any troubleshooting steps, so if anyone needs additional information, please let me know.

Any tips?

That’s strange, since the settings were in firmware for ages, and the release only added a UI to set them.

Would you please export and attach your UserConfig?

I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up not being rooted in that issue, although its the only meaningful changed I’ve experienced with the keyboard after purchasing it.

Tried uploading it here but the forum appears to only accept image formats so I’ve uploaded it here.

Please try Fastening module steel guide screws - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

Well, when postulating strange problem hypotheses, then it is also worth to go through Fixing misbehaving keys - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard . I2c issues (loose guide screws, elmag interference…) and power issues are always suspect.

Thanks mlac and kareltucek. I’ll try these solutions today to see if they work.

This is unrelated to the thread’s issue, but since I have your attention(s); my right half’s bezel thumb button’s switch is no longer functioning properly. It does not click when I push down, but does click upon depressing. The left bezel button works as expected. I don’t see any replacement parts for this, and its admittedly made me stop using that button.

I’m also experiencing key repeat issues that this user is is reporting with their M key, but mine is with the enter key (M button produces two keypresses instead of one, 30% of the time -- is there a software fix? - #3 by kareltucek).

What are the odds that I got a lemon? Or is this par for the course? I’m down (albeit a little nervous) for self repair, but curious if I’m an outlier in that respect.

Thanks for your time, I’ll report back ASAP.

What are you typing? I see some apps “acting up” but that is them trying to do smart lookups in a not so smart fashion.

Open a plain old text editor (notepad or vim) and try in there.

There is no software fix for individual keys. Please exchange this switch with a working one to diagnose whether it’s a switch-specific problem.

As for the problematic thumb button, please contact us, and my colleague will follow up.

@Tunney I ran my tests in macOS’s Textedit. The behavior I’ve experienced is app agnostic as I tried really hard to deduce it to a software issue (as thats my preferred outcome here, seeing that that can be fixed far more easily), to no avail. It is also reproducible in another host OS in my Windows test.

@mlac Copy. For any other users, I’m using unshaky for now until I get the courage/time to replace the key switches.

@kareltucek Currently trying out these troubleshooting steps. I have been using the stock bridge/usb cable since the start. I’ve removed the modules and disabled LEDs. If the issue persists I’ll move forward with fastening the guide screws. I’m trying not to do every troubleshooting step at once in hopes that in finding a solution I can report back with actionable info for any other users who may experience this in the future.

@mlac I have sent an email with my order number and a link to this thread to the contact us page. If theres a way to fix my thumb button I’d be ecstatic as its truly one of my favorite features!

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