What materials are trackball balls made of?

Hello, my UHK came with three trackballs: red, black, gray. I noticed that you are also now selling a glossy ball. Can you tell me what materials they are made of? I know the gray ball is made of steel, but I’m curious about the other balls, especially the red one. I bought a POM plastic ball to replace the red ball, but it’s not as light and smooth.

Hi there,

My memory is quite foggy about this. Would you help, @kareltucek?

Well, the black matte ball is made of resin.

I believe the red ball is some kind of plastic, but have not found any reference to verify that, and I don’t think I even have the information on which kind of plastic exactly.

I have no idea about the glossy ball. I would guess the outer coating to be made of resin.