Wet keyboard, stuck in FTY

I spilled water on my keyboard. I followed the notes at I’ve poured liquid…. I cleaned the reset switch with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. It still functions but the agent software says it’s in reset mode to power cycle it. Nothing gets it out of FTY.

I’m open to soldering and am fairly decent, but does anyone have any guidance on this sort of situation?

Here’s a pic of the damaged area.


Is the FTY issue resolved when the reset button is removed from the board?

Yes it is!

Before removing, I noticed I couldn’t push the reset button down. After, it gives a little click and actually moves. So my guess is it was sort of fused together, closed.

Thanks @mlac

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The board after removal:

In the future if I need to reset I’ll try resoldering it back onto the board. If that doesn’t work I’ll ask if there’s a spare parts bin somewhere :). Thanks again.

Well done! The spare part is available from multiple distributors: EVQ-PLMA15 Panasonic - Tactile Switches - Distributors, Price Comparison, and Datasheets | Octopart component search

@mlac I have very little knowledge in this area, but would it be practical to apply some waterproofing later on the reset switch to prevent this from happening in the future?
I’m assuming it’s not done at the manufacturing level due to cost, complexity, or hindrance to the function of the switch itself.
Any recommendation?

Waterproofing only the reset switch wouldn’t make practical sense, as I can’t remember a case like this. It’d be more sensible to waterproof the entire UHK, which is not feasible.