Visual indication when secondary function is triggered?

I’m working on home-row mods, experimenting with different timeouts.

What would be great is to see an indicator when a secondary role has been triggered. I know I can do that by binding macros on each and every key that has a secondary function, and updating the LED display in the macros depending on primary or secondary invocation, but that is tedious when I would need to do this for 10+ keys.

Is there a more clever trick to show something when a secondary function triggers on any of those many keys?

Would it be a helpful firmware feature? e.g. light up some indicator when ANY secondary function triggers, or a $onSecondary trigger macro?

As said in the neighbour thread, we are trying not to inflate the API surface too much, and I don’t see any strong reason to have this.

So the recommendation is to start your own firmware fork :smiley:.

You did that at while ago, and eventually it became mainstream. :smirk:

Yours may too if it proves itself in the eyes of other users ¯\(ツ/¯.

For that it might be worth to define a macro for each key to have exactly the color you want. Then you can have different colors for different time-outs.

I have colors for the one-hold keys I use, so I can see if a one-hold is still active. For example for the one-shot shift everything turns green and then goes back to functional lighting.

P .S.: So far I did not had problems with bottom-row-mods, in contrast to having them on the homerow.

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