V2 - Switchs are tight — some stuck

Context: I have the UHK v2 brown standard switches. Last week I swapped out all the switches for Gateron Quinn Tactile Switches (5pin, nylon housing). From the first moment I started pushing these new switches in I noticed they were a slightly tighter fit. no problems. everything works.

Fast forward to today, I want to lube all 3 stabilizers. To remove the stabilizer I need to first remove the tight-fitting switches I had installed, …still working on getting 1 of 3 out. It’s super stuck! I’m at the point where I’ve carefully unhoused the right-side keyboard to see if I can push the switch out from behind PCB board.

Why is it so tight-fitting compared to the stock switches? (I notice the stock switches are 3pin)
any tips? suggestions on how to deal with safely pull this out.

ps: This is hands down the best split keyboard on the market with a traditional layout. Super happy with my purchase! please help me pull this switch out! :slight_smile:

UPDATE! I GOT IT OUT! used the good ol’ fashion cut it out method!

you can see my keyboard setup live on my Twitch stream.

I have encountered the same problem with tecsees medium. Housing some of my switches is severely damaged because of it :sweat_smile:.

Anyways, disassembling the keyboard and pushing them out from the back side is definitely possible.

3rd Update: I received four different switches today and I’m happy to say that they all plug-in easily.
So I think the Quinn switches I was using were just too thick of a switch.

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