Use scroll button on KeyClusterModule for fast mouse movement?

Hey guys,

since the scroll button on the KeyClusterModule is useless imho, since scrolling with trackpoint is just perfect.,…i wonder if it is possible, to use the scroll button for fast movements of the mouse cursor for longer distances. Especially useful for long distances in a multiple monitor setup.

If that is not possible: How do you move your mouse fast and comfortable over multiple screens? I still prefer the mouse for this…

Thank you

You can increase the speed for sure. E.g., by putting this into a macro named $onInit:

set module.keycluster.baseSpeed 500

But the keycluster’s trackball has very small resolution, so I would probably not recommend it.

I am using the trackball module with UHK’s acceleration driver.

I am using the trackball module with UHK’s acceleration driver.
Can you explain that in more detail? UHKs acceleration driver?

Do you mean the acceleration function, which can be assigned to any button? I have this on the left chasis-button, but dont find it comfortable…

No, although that could also work.

I meant macro configuration of module sensitivity. It allows increasing sensitivity in high speeds independently of low speeds (informally called acceleration), which means that I can easily do sensitive operations at low speeds, but then cover full width of 4k monitor with a single swipe.

See following section in the Agent’s smart macro side pane documentation, or Configuration section of .

Well i have played with these settings already and adjusted them to:

set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 0.3
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.3
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 3

xceleration of 3 doesnt make sense though, if 1.0 is max according to your image…

What exact values do you have?

Those ranges are just recommended for regular usecases. If you know what you are doing, you are welcome to go out of those ranges. Actually, trackpoint is not very suitable for this kind of manipulation, so extreme xceleration value may make sense…

My config reads:

set module.trackball.baseSpeed 0.5
set module.trackball.speed 1.0
set module.trackball.xceleration 0.5

set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 1.0
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.0
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 0.0

I suspect I am being a little dim on this one, but I do not understand in the below:

  • What a caret is?

  • And is it screen pixels or something else that is referred to

  • And what short of event are we talking about?

  • caretSpeedDivisor: Distance (in pixels) that needs to be covered to produce one event in caret mode. The higher the value, the slower the caret speed. {value} ranges from 1 to 100 and defaults to 16.

In this case I am missing any connection to the original topic.

But to your questions:

  • What a caret is?

noun car· et ˈker-ət ˈka-rət : a wedge-shaped mark made on written or printed matter to indicate the place where something is to be inserted.

But in this sense the config refers to all discrete navigation modes (caret, media, zoomPC, zoomMac).

And is it screen pixels or something else that is referred to

It is pixels/points as reported by the sensor and then transformed by the acceleration driver. I guess you could call that screen pixels - in cursor mode it is exactly what gets transferred onto the screen.

And what sort of event are we talking about?

The events (or maybe better actions?) that are produced by the navigation mode in question. E.g., for caret mode, a single arrow tap may be one such event.

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