USB cable for v1

Here I am again, asking help for my UHK V1 which is almost making 6 years old. :muscle:

I’d like to replace the UHK V1 USB cable and would like to know if anyone has tips about a good cable or what is needed for a good cable for my V1.

There are no specific requirements other than the cable’s outside diameter, which should be no larger than 4 mm to fit into the case’s cable recess.

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My only suggestion would be to use an aviator cable so you can power cycle the UHK a little easier. It can be a pain fumbling around trying to find the awkward port on the UHK’s case, or having to unplug it from the PC end. Of course, if you don’t have a reason to frequently disconnect your UHK, then just about any cable that’ll fit in the case’s cable retention slot should be fine.

It may be hard to find a decent quality aviator cable with a mini USB connector, as most of them are USB-C nowadays. I personally don’t like the fancy coiled versions that saturate the market, so I grabbed a couple of these a while back, and they work great for me. Unfortunately they’re currently unavailable though: