US Switch Tester?

I have a v1 keyboard and was looking to get a v2 with different switches. I saw there is a switch tester I could buy, but I’m in the US and with shipping it would end up being ~$30 to get the UHK one. I’m wondering if anyone knows a comparable one I could get from somewhere like amazon where the shipping will be better for me in the US.

As to trying out switches in general, check out - they sell single switches for reasonable prices.

As to full testers, this seems to be a pretty good match:

Of course, it depends on why exactly you want to try the switches. (e.g., want to hear loudness of browns? Want to try difference between basic red, brown, blue? want to try out difference between standard and box? want to hear difference between normal and silent?)

Also, switch testers are not always very representative. E.g., loudness of switches depends very much on the keyboard, as is works as a resonation box that amplifies the sound.

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like @kareltucek said, one switch only without the keyboard is just an approach to the result you’re going to get. It’s more about the feeling, smoothness, force needed …

You won’t miss much buying loose switches only, without a “test plate”.
American vendors: Keyboard vendors by country
Example, nice catalog, just for browsing what is available in general off shelf: Kailh Switches

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