Unofficial community Discord/IRC channel

If you’re looking for realtime chat about UHK matters, we have an unofficial, community run Discord/IRC channel (they’re tunneled so it doesn’t matter which one you join): UHK community Discord

Welcome! :slight_smile:

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What does Discord offer which is better than the forum? I personally think it is better to discuss things in one place and not have to monitor different locations where a tip might have been posted!?

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Well, that’s up to the person. :slight_smile: Discord and IRC are instant messaging and a forum is a forum, it’s just a different method of communication. Just noting that the chat channels have existed for several years now, so it’s not something that is intending to compete with the forum.

Not a fan of discord. I can’t find anything there and people usually use it to just spam. And the most important thing, why would open source company depend on proprietary doubtful service. If there is a need for instant messaging I would personally go with IRC, but forum for me is enough, especially if uhk guys are so active here.

That’s fair, you don’t need to use it. :slight_smile:

Just noting that Ultimate Gadget Labs (makers of UHK) have nothing to do with the Discord, as said it is unofficial.

Sorry, I wrongly substitute the unofficial tag by official.