UHKv2 not working in windows but working in Linux

I have a dual boot environment with Manjaro Linux and Windows 11. Keyboard used to work in both but today when I started windows after a long time (since my primary OS is Manjaro), windows isn’t detecting any keypress which is weird. I restarted multiple times but issues persist.

  1. Keyboard is working in UEFI/BIOS
  2. It’s also working in Manjaro
  3. On windows it’s on but not working (I can see key colors and I can also switch keyboard profiles using Fn key)

Any idea what could be the issue and how to resolve that? I am sure it’s something from the windows end. but weird thing it was working before (last tested a month ago in windows).

Keyboard has the latest firmware 11.1.0 installed that I verified by opening UHK agent in linux.
Another weird thing is UHK agent in windows does not seem to be detect the keyboard.

This must be an installation-specific issue. Please connect your UHK directly to your computer without intermediaries, such as a KVM switch, docking station, or USB hub. Afterward, it’s worth checking whether your UHK shows up in the device manager.

We don’t provide customer support in the forum. Please contact us instead.

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I’m experiencing exactly the same problem as you describe.

I also noticed that, while my keyboard was not “recognized”, I could still use the mouse movement shortcuts to move the mouse with the keyboard.

The keyboard was working perfectly fine in Arch/GNU Linux and the BIOS itself… just not in Windows 10.

The keyboard started working when I plugged it it directly to another USB port. I then realized that the keyboard through the hub would also work if I switched to a different USB port. Somehow, there is one port in my machine (which is supposed to be the same as the others) where the USB hub doesn’t work… but only in Windows. That same port works for everything else.

I’m sure there is a problem with the USB drivers of the machine but I couldn’t figure out which devices I needed to uninstall and reinstall to make it work. Instead, I just permanently switched the USB port I’m using in my PC.

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Some things that come to my mind:

USB 2 vs. USB 3 port? Power options provided on that port?

Another thing to try is to turn down backlight brightness; this substantially reduces the power consumption oft he UHK.

I am not using any KVM switch or docking station. it’s directly connected via USB C adapter that comes with the keyboard. Connecting keyboard to another port works for me which is strange since it was working fine for both OSes. I will open support ticket if required but for now I am good.