UHK v1 multiple keys are double typing, is it a common problem?

I have UHK v1 and recently multiple keys started double typing. For example, if I type something like work, I may get wwork, wowrk, I wanted to check if anyone else has seen this problem and if it is a firmware/hardware or switches problem.

Thank you.

Only specific keys doing that point to a key switch problem.

Did all the keys start chattering at the same time? Its strange if yes, and points away from a key switch problem.

This guide is relevant for you: Fixing misbehaving keys - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

It is only specific keys. I think I need to replace those switches as it looks to be the switches rather than firmware or the controller. I was wondering if https://www.amazon.se/-/en/gp/product/B0CBS5M29R/ are the type of switches I can use with the V1 of UHK or I need something specific from your website.

Thank you.

Those cherries will work, but you may want to get the same switches as those installed on your UHK - for consistent feeling.

If you have non-silent browns, then these should be the exact ones: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000138828295.html

(Note that to replace switches on UHK V1, you are going to need soldering iron.)