Trackpoint - Do you like it and which finger do you use?

I thought the trackpoint would be a real game-changer for me, because I always enjoyed using the Lenovo trackpoints. Although with the UHK I do not use it that much. Reason is that using the side of the thumb is not feeling good. I could use the middle finger, but then part of the benefit of not needing to move the hand from the home row position is lost…

What is your experience to make the trackpoint “work” for you?

I am using the side of my thumb and have no problem with it…



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I’m using my thumb as well, but I have to say that, initially, my precision with the trackpoint was very poor. I had to mess quite a bit with the sensitivity and acceleration configurations until I found one I liked.
Still, when I’m with my fingers on the home row, I tend to use the mouse layer quite a lot.

I use the side of my thumb. It did take a while to get used to it, but I did eventually. I’ll occasionally use my pointer still when i’m just browsing or doing activities that don’t require using a lot of keys.

And which settings have you ended up with? :upside_down_face:

Trackpoint - Do you like it?

Also, to this question… I am more fond of the trackball module, but whenever I connect the touchpad or trackpoint module, I then keep forgetting to switch back for weeks, so I am clearly not uncomfortable with any of them.

Here’s the current settings on my $onInit macro:

set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 0.0
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.7
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 1.5
set module.keycluster.scrollAxisLock 1
set module.trackpoint.navigationMode.mod scroll
set module.trackpoint.navigationMode.shift caret
set diagonalSpeedCompensation 1

Basically a slow start and low(ish) acceleration, helps with precision without taking too long to go from one screen to another, for instance. This works well on Linux but too slow on Windows.

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I actually thought the sensitivity was way too high when I first got the trackpoint. I lowered it and then realized the default actually works perfect after switching back to it

I use these:

set module.trackpoint.baseSpeed 0
set module.trackpoint.speed 0.7
set module.trackpoint.xceleration 0.7

and use my thumb (side). But I frequently swap back to the touchpad. Can’t make up my mind which one I like better.

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Where in the agent do you add this?

Add a macro and call it $onInit:


Then “Add macro action…” and add a </> Command and paste the commands in the Macro commands field:

Save, then Save to keyboard.

The $onInit macro will be executed whenever the keyboard powers up, or reboots.

awesome, thank you!

I always have a hard time using the trackpoint, due to my thumb hurts when I use it for a workday, I really tried but I didn’t get use to it. I’ll try it again with your advice guys.

I started to get pain from using a mouse and normal keyboard, so I tried a few solutions - a rollermouse + Keychron was my favourite, but I started to get pain in my thumb reaching down to the rollermouse.

So I went with the UHK and the trackpoint module. I loved the trackpoint in the ThinkPad laptops so I thought it would be the perfect solution. And it was good, but the reach again affected my thumb after a few months.

So now I’ve completely replaced it with the keyboard mouse movements, plus an ergo mouse when I need more accurate/fast movements (I’m a programmer working on CAD software).

So, yes I like it, but I can’t use it with my thumb, and using it with a finger for me defeats the purpose of getting the UHK in the first place.

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