Trackball - scroll doesn't always work

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Just wondered if it’s just me that’s seeing this:

On the trackball, if you use the Mod modifier and move the ball up/down, it scrolls up and down. But it doesn’t always work, and I"m not sure why. As an example, if you open whatsapp on chrome (I’m on a mac), and do it there, it won’t work. Standard mouse scrolling up/down does, just not the trackball. If you thrash it about eventually it does start scrolling though. Just wondered if anyone knew what this might be caused with

I’ve also noticed a similar issue.

Every time scrolling does not work, I have to move a little bit the mouse pointer (with the trackpoint module) and then scrolling starts working again.

I haven’t noticed any problems like this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

It happens to me all the time, but hasn’t happened at a time when I’ve been able to drop everything else to write a good bug report. Also, the workaround is trivial (I just use PgUp/PgDn in scroll mode instead usually).

I think I may have an idea what causes this… at least this seems to be the trigger for me…

If you hold down the mod, then if you go left/right slightly first, then go up/down, that seems to stop it from working…

EDIT: No - I just checked again and it’s not consistent, so ignore me !

Well, there has been an issue where some particular windows programs did weird things when horizontal scroll event was issued. :thinking:

Please try to disable scroll axis locking via smart macros; It might solve the issue.

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I.e., put set module.trackball.scrollAxisLock 0 command into a macro named $onInit.

Wow! Didn’t know it was possible, I was always using the other module to scroll down/up to be honest!
Anyway, I tried on the last version of MacOS this is working.
Maybe an old incorrect remapping somehow on the mod layout?
Thanks for the tips anyway (this is not displayed on Agent software weird)…

I’ve had this on since you suggested it and I think it’s making a big difference :slight_smile:

I’m still finding issues in Slack for example (when you position the pointer over an image for example and then scroll it doesn’t work - presumably it’s trying to scroll the image. But certainly in a browser, it’s working well :slight_smile: