Touchpad gestures


I love the fact that my touchpad reacts to two finger gestures (scroll up/down). I didn’t find a way to configure this, though. Running fw10.0.0 on an UHK 2.

Any ideas welcome



Yes, this behavior is fixed at the moment to the scroll navigation mode.

Oh, I see. From the term “at the moment”, I conclude this is something planned. Fine for me :slight_smile:

Edit: Just figured out how to write an $onInit-Macro that does the job :+1:

It’s more like that I am open to the idea that it might be configurable in the future…

Given you had figured out a way, what actually was the job? :smiley:

:white_check_mark: Well, inverse the motion :smile:

Of course, sideways scrolling would be nice, too, as well as three finger gestures (for small fingers), as a window switcher. Anything. But it’s great enough already

Ah, I see.

There is two finger tap gesture, which can be overridden by COMMAND = set keymapAction.LAYERID.KEYID ACTION (see

Edit: for instance set keymapAction.base.193 keystroke a

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