Touchpad double click to drag "continuation"

For some laptop track pads one can double check drag lift one’s figure up and put it down again quickly to continue dragging. This is especially useful if you find yourself at the edge of your touchpad.

Would it be possible to enable this as an option on the UKH? Or is there a way for me to add it myself using the customization code?

Not possible at the moment I am afraid.

As to workarounds, I think it should be possible to write a macro that will initiate drag on a “doubletap” (i.e., just as it is now) and then maintain the left button pressed until another “doubletap” (actually a static single tap).

As to a native implementation of the proposed behavior, what do you think @mlac - should we do it, or is it a too niche request? (I assume it would mean adding a config variable set touchpad.dragContinuationTimeout 200. Not sure about default value.)

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Just wanted to quickly leave some thoughts about if it is a widespread use case… it is supported on Macbook touchpad + Thinkpad touchpad (and i’m guessing generally for Windows hardware). However more importantly from a functionality perspective… my understanding is that the utility of the “click drag continuation” is inversely proportional to the size of the touchpad since it is most useful when you’re trying to drag something and “run into the edge”. So with a smaller touchpad it is even more useful. One other thing… that might be more of “me problem” vs general problem… is I have a laptop monitor and an external monitor …,with such an arrangement of multiple monitors or in the case of large monitors the possible drag distance could be longer.

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I think this is a reasonable feature request; it’s well articulated, and it should be implemented if it’s not too much work. I like the proposed variable.

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Jyst FYI, we have implemented it. The feature is already merged, and will be available via smart macros in the next release by set module.touchpad.holdContinuationTimeout 200.

Edit: fix the syntax.


I hadn’t had notifications on but when I checked this yesterday, I saw that this was added. That was so quick! I’m excited to try it out. I updated my UHK Agent and tried to enable that flag, but it doesn’t look like it is in the public UHK Agent firmware yet. How do I check to see which release version i should be on? Is there a way I can easily download the firmware dev builds?

@code there is no nightly build bot. You can find the latest firmware at Releases · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub. (They are released slightly more often than Agents, so it makes sense to subscribe that repo.) This feature should be already part of it (I.e., of 10.4.0).

You can find your current firmware version in Agent’s “firmware” page.

Works perfectly. This is awesome.

I did prepend “module.” to my setting string and after playing around with it a bit as a personal preference I set this a little higher at 300. So cool that you made the timeout value adjustable.

set module.touchpad.holdContinuationTimeout 300

Thanks again.

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You are welcome!

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This is great, thanks so much for implementing this!

Just happened to be looking in UHK Agent for something else and noticed this:

This is awesome, this is the UI for this here feature? Wow. So cool this was added to the UI as well.

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Yes, it’s the relevant UI. I think this is quite a release, and I’m glad you appreciate it!