Touchpad cursor drifts after thumb movement stops

When using the touchpad (NOT trackpoint), the cursor continues to drift even once thumb movement has stopped.

Any idea why this is or if there are any kind of sensitivity/deceleration settings that could be configured to fix this? The drift makes using the pad pretty much impossible…

I’m surprised to hear about this issue because I can’t recall similar ones.

Please tweak the touchpad’s sensitivity settings via smart macros, and let us know whether it fixed the issue.

There is no way smart macro sensitivity setting is going to fix this problem.

I am also puzzled by this.

How fast is the drift? Is it in any particular direction? (E.g., exactly diagonal.) Can you record it?

Yeah, it’s quite odd. Below is a GIF recording (low frame rate, but can do video if needed) showing the “drift”. Basically, when I stop moving my thumb, the cursor continues to “coast” in mostly the same direction I was moving the cursor in before stopping, like it has inertia lol.

It doesn’t seem to matter how quickly or slowly I move the cursor, the drift amount is the same and it makes it impossible to reliably click on small things with precision.

Here’s a full video with better background and I tried to have more pause between moving (not sure how to embed mp4, but I’ve uploaded to Imgur:)

Chances are this is a hardware issue. If your touchpad module is under warranty, please contact us, and we’ll provide a new one.