The 6 key being on the left

Can anyone explain the rationale behind putting the 6 key on the left side of the split keyboard? It is (prescriptively) supposed to be typed with the right hand. Was it mechanically necessary? Can anyone describe their experience typing like this after having learned the other way? I don’t look forward to making this compromise. It doesn’t seem ultimate. Thank you.

Thanks for the background info. I searched the forum but apparently not the blog. The 6 seems to be a “hot button” issue for some. I look forward to the columnar version of the keyboard for which the situation is more straightforward. Wireless would also be great, but I’m not the first to say that. I’ll stay tuned.

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You can rearrange the 6 to be on the right, but when you try to do that I guess you might find that this is not a good solution. But why not just give it a try, if you are curious? You will need to move the backspace or = to another location then of course.

Edit, with some (IMO of course) important remarks.
I think for a staggered layout the 6 needs to be on the left side. That in America people are trained to use the right hand just shows that ergonomics have not played a role and people did not think much when deciding which finger to use on a staggered layout.

For a columnar layout it would make sense to move the numbers to the right one key – thus putting 6 on the right side. But that means that everybody would need to retrain the number row, because keys move not only position, many will also move fingers. For that reason a columnar layout should be adjustable to have the numbers on the staggered finger position if wanted!