Switching keymaps - how to assign Fn numbers?

I created a keymap in Agent and can load it to the keyboard, but I can not find where/ how I need to set an Fn number for a keymap. Default I can switch between 6 maps. I deleted most of them, because I do not need them, but added one custom one, but this is not assigned to an Fn number yet as it seems.

I found it by chance. Would have expected that to be a setting in the layers itself, but it is an extra option when one assigns “anything” to a key – and does not need to be in the Fn-layer also.

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You “star” the keymap that you want to load as the default keymap when the keyboard powers on, and then you define key actions in that keymap which switch to other keymaps. It’s all in the keymap!

I’ve set a key combination in my keymaps (Fn-ISOkey) which rotates through my keymaps. In each keymap, Fn-ISO points to the next keymap. So I just hit it a few times until the display shows the keymap I want.

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