Switch change for V2

Sorry if this has been asked. I couldn’t find anything specific to V2.

I’m doing a switch change after multiple reports that blue is TOO LOUD for my office. Sigh.

Browns are actually really nice but I’m not able to see how to switch them out on the little space/mod keys (you know, the little flat switches in either side-- do these have a name?).

Any advice on this please, folks?

Well, those are not standard key switches, and are not hotswappable.

If you insist on making them silent, you can disassemble and modify them similar to https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Modify-a-Mouse-to-Make-It-Completely-Silent/ .

I warn you that finetuning the switch so that it works is pain. If you decide to go that path, it may be a good idea to drill a hole through both the uhk case and the switch case, so that you can finetuneit without disassembling the keyboard, while actually seeing the tolerances.

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Thanks, as always Karel for the helpful response.

I think I’ll skip that :slight_smile:

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The UHK V2 has swappable switches.
I switched to Cherry MX Clear, which do not click. I like them very much.