Swap shifted and non-shifted function of a key?

Is it possible to swap the standard (non-shifted) and shifted function of a key? For example could I change the number keys to output the symbols when not shifted and the numbers when shifted?

I know I could do that by defining a custom layout for the operating system, but can that be also done from the keyboard side and leaving the default layout in the OS unchanged?

Yes, it’s possible via the Shift layer. See how to use modifier layers.

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Cool, it works in general. Thanks, this is great and something not all programmable keyboards can, but can be very helpful for example when redefining ‘US International’ keyboard for a custom layout.

Although there is one caveat:
I needed to assign the Shifted version to the key itself and the unshifted version to the Shift layer. Works fine so far. But then none of the other keys which are shifted are working any longer. Basically by introducing a Shift-layer to the keymap I delete all Shift-mappings. So I would now manually need to define each of the keys – with it’s standard function, while all I want is to assign a different Shift behavior for a single or just a few keys.

Possible solutions in Agent to make that easier:
a) define a “fall-through” key, which means it will trigger the normal function of the base layer and not use a modified Shift-function

or better
b) Option to define Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Super-layers as “fall through” by default / or not.

c) option to copy a layer and paste it to another layer

Undefined keys should fall through as suggested. Are you using the latest 9.2.3 firmware? If not, please update.

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Ah, thanks. I thought I was using the latest version (9.2.2), because Agent has the setting of auto-update, but that does only seem to handle the programm itself and not check for firmware updates i guess. I have flashed 9.2.3. now.

The knowledgebase is a bit short on how to flash the keyboard. Not a problem for me, but some might need a bit more help.

P.S.: I did manage to not brick the keyboard by not unplugging during the flashing process – unlike some YouTubers… :wink:

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