Show Layer (if not base) even if fadeTimeout is reached

I am using a fadeTimeout of 30 seconds which works great.

set leds.fadeTimeout 30

However this is sometimes annoying when I start typing again and forgot that I am actually in another layer.

So the perfect solution would be to fadeout all LEDS but display the layer if it is not the base layer.

If this is not possible another solution could be not to fade out if not on base layer.

But I couldn’t find any configuration to achieve this.

Well, you can achieve this with macro events.

Put set leds.fadeTimeout 30 into your $onLayerChange base and set leds.fadeTimeout 0 into $onLayerChange any.

But apart from that, it indeed is not a supported usecase.


oh I thought there are only $onInit and $onKeymapChange.
Where can I find more information on that, the only documentation I was using was the smart macro reference in the agent.

firmware/doc-dev/ at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub and firmware/doc-dev/ at master · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub

(The link to those is at the very end of the Agent reference pane.)

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thank you it works.

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