Should I be stockpiling UHKs?

After more than a year with my UHK it has become abundantly clear that I absolutely cannot live without this keyboard. In the hopefully unlikely scenario where Ultimate Gadget Laboratories goes out of business or UHKs become scarce again I’d be incredibly bummed out if my current 'board kicked the bucket.

Yes, I’m UHK prepping.

Actually in the process of writing this post I’ve already convinced myself that I need at least 1 backup 'board on standby. I’m just going to order another tomorrow. I’ve wanted one with different switches for the sake of variety anyway.

I’m going to post this anyway in hopes that someone else in the same situation as me might also be inspired to make an order, thus padding the coffers of Ultimate Gadget Laboratories, not for some altruistic reason, but for the entirely selfish reason of ensuring the continued availability TO ME of God’s greatest gift to the world of keyboards. In the holy name of UHK I pray, amen.


It may sound funny but I’ve stockpiled 2 UHK V1 and 2 UHK V2 over the years because I grew addicted to it and its wonderful firmware. What even funnier is that I was right since completely unforeseen things happened and Ultimate Gadget Laboratories no longer ships anything to the country where I currently live.

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Thank you for this thread! I find it amusing and a huge compliment.

Unless András, my business partner, and I both get hit by a train, it’s highly unlikely that UHKs will stop flowing.

What’s much more likely is that we’ll grow significantly in the coming years and release innovative products and accessories, so I wouldn’t worry, but you never know what the future holds.

@proostas I’m sorry that we don’t ship to your country anymore. There’s a short list of countries where we don’t ship, indeed. I think you can ship UHKs to these countries via intermediaries, but it’s probably cumbersome, and they mark up the price.

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