Setting LED fade timeout back to 0 doesn't restore LEDs

[UHK v2, Agent 3.02, Firmware 10.1.0]

Tried playing with LED fade timeout - set it to nonzero. Didn’t like it so set it back to 0 to get infinite timeout and the result was that the LEDs didn’t turn on at all!

Had to set it to 99999 (=65535) to get long-lived LEDs back.

Why didn’t setting it to 0 after setting it non-zero (saving to kbd both times of course) work?

Well, at the moment only actions that produce USB reports count as activity and wake up UHK from led sleep mode. Admittedly, this is a bit unfortunate.

If you had tapped any normal key, your leds should have revived fine.

This is not a pressing issue, but it negatively affects the user experience. How much time would it take to fix it?

Not much. I plan to look into it soon.

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Fixed in Wake from led sleep on non-report actions, refactor activity detection. by kareltucek · Pull Request #684 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/firmware · GitHub