Secondary command triggered by trackpoint move

Would it be in any way possible to trigger the secondary command (ifSecondary) not only when another key is pressed, but also when e.g. the trackpoint is moved? In that way, my Space button can modify the behavior of the trackpoint (scroll, media etc) by its secondary role (Fn key).

Thanks in advance!

That should already be the case. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If it is not working for you, are you on up-to-date firmware? If so, can you post the macro or entire UserConfig?

You’re right, tnx! Don’t know why it did not seem to work the first time!

However, after releasing the spacebar, it ‘fires’ a space key (resulting in a page down in my pdf file) while this is not the case if I use the spacebar in it’s secondary role by hitting a second key instead of moving the trackpoint.

Could that be resolved in some way?

Thanks in advcance!

I can’t reproduce this either.

Please post your macros or UserConfig…

Thanks again.

I wasn’t using a macro, but used the secondary role datalist directly in the Agent interface.

After your reply, I bound the following macro to the space-key, but unfortunately without succes:

ifSecondary holdLayer mod
tapKey space

I wasn’t using a macro, but used the secondary role datalist directly in the Agent interface.

Again, if you want me to look into that, please, share your UserConfig (i.e., export your configuration and attach it…).

You probably want this:

ifSecondary final holdLayer mod
tapKey space

Thanks again. It remains buggy unfortunatelly. I’m not really comfortable sharing the UserConfig, because of the typed texts in some of the macro’s. So I guess I have to refrain from using this strategy and just use plain Mod buttons instead of using a secondary role.

Thanks for all the effort!

(Can’t you just backup the config, and then delete anything sensitive?)

Anyway, I suggest to try this guide: Fixing misbehaving keys - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

@RonaldC yeah ^^ that’s what I did when sharing, I have a freaking password in the macro. Exported config is just a json file, you can edit it and delete anything sensitive.