Second thumb cluster

I can totally understand if there are other priorities, but I’m wondering … am I the only one who would love to have a second thumb cluster? The combination of the homerow app and the mouse modifier seem to cover my mouse needs, but I wouldn’t mind mapping some common shortcuts to an extra cluster.



I would also really appreciate this. Looking to buy a new ergo keyboard, and UHK is high on the list, but I don’t really have any need for the attachable mouse options, but having additional thumb keys would be really helpful. If this is in the works for the future, that would really compel me to go with UHK.

I also miss two more normal thumb buttons on the right and would give up a pointing device for that. A mirrored key cluster or, at least, a combined pointing device with two normal thumb buttons would suit me much butter.

I agree. I thought I would use the right hand pointing devices. But I use the keyboard mouse for the majority of things (it’s just less of a stretch) and a separate mouse if I don’t need the keyboard for a little while or need more accurate movements. I keep forgetting that the pointing device is there.

But I use the cluster constantly. A right hand side cluster would be fantastic.

Thanks for the feedback, and you’re welcome to keep it coming, guys. We’ll develop new products according to your suggestions.

In that case I feel obligated to mention: UHK with choc switches :sweat_smile:.


Actually, I’ve test-driven Choc V1 and Gateron KS-33, and liked the latter much more. KS-33 has the same pitch as MX switches so you don’t have to realign, the feel is way better, and they are low-profile enough to call them ultra-portable.

What exactly do you mean by pitch?

Edit: nevermind, googled it myself :slight_smile:. Pitch is the distance between (the centers of) neighbouring keys. Didn’t know it tended to be different for low profile switches

I’ve test-driven Choc V1 and Gateron KS-33

Just to check, are those Gateron KS-33 switches compatible with UHK?

Only OUTEMU Medium-Low Profile switches are pin-compatible with UHK (but you have to check for keycap compatibility if you don’t want them to hit the plate while typing).

No other low profile switch flavor is pin-compatible with UHK. Moreover, I had to build two very different keyboards to try Choc V1 and KS-33 and they required two very different keycap types to go with them. Even Choc V1 and Choc V2 are not pin-compatible between each other.

Of all the LP zoo out there, only Gateron tries to keep some kind of backward compatibility and made their KS-27 (V1) and KS-33 (V2) inter-pin-compatible. So, essentially, you plug KS-33 in “older” KS-27 how swap sockets without any problem.

I reckon that this general low profile incompatibility (even between generations of the same brand) is the primary reason why companies like Ultimate Gadget Laboratories avoid using anything other than MX in their products. There are a lot of existing switch options and keycaps available for MX out there but you start to depend on slow rate of adoption and evolution if you choose a particular breed of low profile switch for a product.


(TL;DR: No.)

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