Scancode lang and international... in Agent?

In Agent, when assigning a key (Keypress tab), is an option at the end of the key code list, to choose scancodes for

but I do not find any explanation about it. Regardless of the chosen language and keyboard layout (English International, German) there seems not to be any output when a key is assigned to those scancodes. Also the knowledgebase does not help.

BTW, is there a chance to export the knowledgebase to a single file, so it can be better searched, even when there is no content table yet?

Where did you find this? I can’t seem to find this anywhere.

Btw, having the Knowledge-Base as a document would be cool.

I have updated the post.

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll add tooltips to the planned multi-column scancode select.

To my knowledge, international scancodes are used to switch between various groups of letters in large alphabets, such as Japanese.

I plan to make a “show all articles” feature on the knowledgebase page. In the meantime, there’s