Same OS, Same Keymaps, Same layout but § and ` are switched

I have a strange issue which I can not solve, I also don’t think this is a UHK issue.

I am using my UHK on 2 different macs (macbook air and macbook pro).

Both macs have the same keyboard language, and using the same keymaps but on one macbook the § is in the top left and ` is the second key after the shift.
On the other macbook those keys are switched…

soo… what the…?

This is really annoying… I have the same keyboard settings on both mac.
I could make an extra keymap and switch those keys but I want to use a longpress macro on ` which then does not work…

the issue is that almost ALL input sources on my mac settings have the back tic near the z key.
This is how it looks on my macbook air:

and I have no idea how to change that.

any ideas are highly appreciated

If you use a different (non-UHK) USB keyboard on those two Mac systems, what happens then?

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I don’t think this is related to any plugged in keyboard since this is also the layout of the macbook air built in keyboard.

in comparision, this is the layout of my macbook pro (which has the correct place for `)


One if your images shows an ISO layout (large ISO enter key, and an additional key between left shift and Z), and the other has an ANSI layout. Is that the reason for the difference?

yes exactly, however the macbook with the ANSI layout still has the additional key between Z and shift, but it is not in the image…

so for some reason the macbook pro with the ANSI layout works as I wanted it to, even though its weird.

But I tried to run the “keyboard setup assistent” several times, … no change.

Actual what I want on both macs is the ISO layout like in the first image, but with ` and § switched.
But this layout does not exist in the settings

So that’s a MacOS issue then, not a UHK issue. I’m at loss then, I am not a Mac user.

I am surprised that the setup assistant doesn’t give you the right keyboard layout. It does ask you to press the key next to the shift key, doesn’t it? It should then know you have an ISO keyboard, not an ANSI one. Are both Macs using the same OS version? Same firmware?

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true it asks you to press the button next to Z but then it asks you if its ANSI or ISO.

well I give up now, I just remap the key for my macbook air on an extra keymap…