Runtime Macro Question/Request

I like these runtime macros and I have started using them a lot on my keyboard. Them being “runtime”, they essentially disappear when the keyboard is shut off, so I then have to reset them. This isn’t a huge deal as the whole point of these macros is to be somewhat ethereal and quickly changeable. Still, I think it’d be neat if you could somehow “allocate” a predefined amount of memory to these kinds of macros in the agent configuration page so I can pull that data back from board memory on reboot.

Or alternatively, is there already a way to get this behavior?

At that point make a “key action” macro using the Agent

The reference manual says “runtime macros”can only be stored on RAM

From a technical standpoint, persisting runtime macros to the EEPROM would be very problematic, and the use case is so niche that it doesn’t worth the effort.

Yeah I figured that it’s a very quick way to wear the eeprom out. pretty sure those arn’t made for that kind of use lol.

I wonder If I can instead make a macro that is a runtime macro but has a “default” that it switches to whenever it reboots. That seems like something I could do with the extended macros.


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Just chiming in to second this request, even if it is impossible, so hopefully it’s not as niche as it first appears. It’s basically asking for Emacs-like keyboard macros, which is a whole rabbit hole of interactively defining and then saving off macros for later.

It would be nice if the UHK agent could ingest a runtime keyboard macro by letting the user replay it and then saving that input to a new named macro in the UHK agent macro editor. It would be like a super-powered version of the Macro editor’s existing “Add captured keystroke” button.


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You could use one of the registers as a boolean flag to remember whether you have already recorded a macro. When you activate playback, you check the register first. If nothing has been recorded, you just have some hardcoded macro actions. If the flag indicates that you have recorded a macro, then you play it back.

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Wouldn’t this require agent to be running? My understanding of the software is that it’s really just meant to just configure settings for the uhk. You’re not really expected to keep it open.

Appreciate the response, seems a little complicated and i’m not really fluent in uhk macro script

Yes, of course, but only when you save it the first time. After that, you’d have it bound to a key and can use it like a regular macro.