Roadmap preview?

Dear UHK team,

In the past you said you do not want to disclose your product roadmap. Is there something like a preview you are willing to give out? What kind of products you are working on, maybe details of a new keyboard?

Background of my question: owning a UHKv2 has been really great so far, and led me into the rabbit hole of ergonomic keyboards. I’m sure that I will pull the trigger on something ortholinear or columnar staggered with thumb clusters in the future.
If I at least vaguely knew that you are developing something in that direction (within a time horizon of something like a year or two), I’d wait with that purchase.

Thanks in advance! Greetings,


Hi Marco,

Although UHKv3 when is it expected to be planned? - #4 by mlac still applies, our next keyboard won’t be a columnar one.

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