Right-side key cluster module

Anyone else wanting this module on the other side of their keyboard? For me, quite specifically, I always hit the b key with my right hand and having it on the left side makes it hard to switch between my UHK and other keyboards.

I first asked about this in 2021 and was told “We will announce it on our blog and in the newsletter when it happens.” No announcement yet :frowning:


We haven’t forgotten about it and will make it happen, but we still need time and can’t promise an ETA.


I would like this too!

Am having the exact same issue: used to pressing the middle key in the lower row with my right hand (although, to me as a Dvorak user, it’s the “x” key :stuck_out_tongue:).

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Same here!
I also constantly mixing X and K keys on the left side when inserting a hyperlink (those are B and V on QWERTY), which causes the selected text to be cut into clipboard, displacing the link I wanted to insert :slight_smile: Oh, the frustration!

Right-side key-cluster (ideally with a trackpoint), would be a godsend.

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That is great news! Do you have a very rough idea about the timeline? Like somewhere this year, or later?

Not this year. We don’t have an ETA yet.

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