Right case button "creaking"

Not quite sure how else to describe it, but one of my case buttons have a very small amount creaking when I press it down. It doesn’t really bother me because i press it quickly but I was wondering if I could use something like wd40 to fix this.

Hello Salivala,

Yes, WD40 could work, or you may apply lithium grease spray as well

When you say “case” buttons do you mean:

  • Case — as in the plastic frame that has two buttons beneath the space and mod keys?
  • Case — as in the keys that change from lower to upper case? Or the “shift” keys.

If the second, my right shift key on both my UHKv2s made horrible noise until I lubed it with the appropriate stabiliser lube. Not sure I would be using WD40

good to know

the first one

I have had four cases (two original V2 black ones with the plastic bits, two newer V2 ones) and not had a single issue with the buttons on the cases so cannot help you there.
Have you tried support?