Resources to replace mod switch (ones beyond space keys on the bottom)

I think that switch is going out on my keyboard. I have UHKv1. I looked at the support pages and parts pages, but I don’t find any documentation or parts related to replacing that switch. Any guidance here? Thanks!

You mean the switch itself, or the plastic part above it?

If just the plastic part, then contact UHK support via the form at pages and they will probably send you a replacement…

If the switch itself, you will just need to disassemble the keyboard, then unsolder the switch and solder in a replacement (any shop with electronic parts should have it, just bring them the old one as a reference).

(Unsoldering 3 pins is a pain. I placed a lever between the switch and the board and then alternately heated every pin while applying pressure on the lever - with every heated pin, the switch gets pulled out a tiny bit.)

If you don’t have a soldering iron, then either a friend may help or any place that specializes in repairing electronic stuff. (The repair is pretty straightforward. You may find disassembly guide at UHK disassembly guide - Ultimate Hacking Keyboard .)

It’s the switch itself… I know I need to disassemble the keyboard and maybe unsolder, but I don’t even know what kind of switch is compatible with the UHK. Am I overthinking this? There’s not just one switch like that right? There are various kinds and sizes? What’s a compatible switch model?

You are overthinking it. Just unsolder the switch and show it to the shopping assistant in the nearest electronic parts shop. Always worked for me with parts like these.

I can’t tell you exact part number / name, as I am not fluent in these matters either, but I am sure it is a pretty standard part that any shop with these things will have.

Edit: Or if you insist on knowing the exact part identification, drop an email to Laszlo…

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I think I’d feel better if I know the part ID for it. Then I can shorten the process, and can buy the part first before I even open the keyboard. Maybe I can mention @Laszlo_Monda here … Laszlo, I’m trying to replace the switch for the mod key (south-side of the space bar). What’s the part number for it? Also it’d be great to add that to the part list. I couldn’t find information on that on the website. Thanks!

@mlac ?

If I’m not mistaken, you mean the Omron SS-01D switch.

We don’t have a part list, and this part hasn’t been requested yet, but I think it’s featured in our electronic design on GitHub.

Ooh cool! Thank you all for the help! This forum rocks!

Update: I just managed to replace that switch. Omron SS-01D switch is the correct part number. The 3 pin switch was a pain to unsolder… I got my kiddo to help me with another soldering iron, that did the trick :slight_smile: . Thanks again!


Unsoldering is always a pain. You need a good solder suction device, and about 5 additional hands. That’ll do the trick. Glad you could get a helping hand from your kid. Way to go! :smiley:

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