Replacement rubber feet nubs

Is there a way to replace the tiny rubberized feet on the outside of the keyboard? The right half stays firmly planted on my desk, but the left half slowly turns clockwise throughout the day. The little tiny stationary feet nubs (not the folding foot) feel more like smooth plastic than the ones on the right half. I did not experience this issue with my previous board.

Can I get replacements for these that are more like sticky rubber so the board doesn’t move around?

I use a desk mat at home. No slipping whatsoever!

Mmh, are the feet different in friction? I do not have a problem, but I do not use a wrist rest and type with floating hands. So not much reason for the UHK to move…

We only provide the standard feet via our webshop that you already have on your UHK. We don’t have alternative versions because our customers haven’t reported this issue yet.

Maybe you can cut a silicone sheet in a custom shape and fix it to your UHK with silicone glue.

Sorry if I was unclear. Two of the little feet feel rubbery and stick to the desk great, while the other two feel like smooth, hard plastic and slide on the desk. The ones on the right are stickier than those on the left which is weird since I assume they are the same substance.

I see the rubber ends in the shop that attach to the folding feet, and I’ll give those a shot. But do you sell these other little stubby feet as well, or could you include some in my order? The feet are $3, but shipping is $27. It would be nice to be sure this will solve the issue.

I can use a desk mat at home, but that’s not convenient for travel.

Please see:

Yes, I agree, shipping for a small bag of 4 rubber feet is outrageously expensive.

It is sad that according to the blog post by @mlac, the Hungarian post does not seem to be a viable alternative. It seems to me that even ordering the same rubber feet twice in separate shipments (via post) should not cost as much as the DHL express shipping… and at least statistically I am sure you don’t have to order each package twice.