Problem with ctrl-space on MacOs


I finally found the time to set up the UHK for use on MacOs. I love the flexibility to move the special keys where I want them and the two “thumb-keys”.

However, I have an odd problem with the ctrl-key: When pressing Ctrl+Space (a binding I need in Emacs), MacOs only receives the key stroke for space rather then ctrl+space!

Ctrl + Space → Space

  • I confirmed this in MS Word, Emacs, Mail (so it’s not an Emacs problem)
  • The control key works fine in all other combinations (e.g. in ctrl-a, ctrl-e, ctrl-p, … ).

Only the combination of ctrl+space causes problems.

I tried to attach a second keyboard (Apple Magic Keyboard AMK). With that keyboard, ctrl+space works. What also does work is to combine keys between UHK and AMK, i.e. type the combination of ctrl-space using both keyboards:

Ctrl (UHK) + Space (AMK) → Ctrl-Space
Ctrl (AMK) + Space (UHK) → Ctrl-Space

Ctrl (UHK) + Space (UHK) → Space <<<< UHK fails

Is there anything special to the ctrl key or the space key?

I am using Agent version: 4.0.2.

I am grateful for any suggestions.


I did some more testing:

I assigned the letter “P” to the space key which creates a “p” as expected. But when I press ctrl-space, I still get a space rather than the expected ctrl-p

      space -> p
 ctrl-space -> space

I am wondering if there is a problem with the UHK agent as I updated it today.

What I should also mention: Playing around with the config I had the function “Mod” assigned to the “Space” key before I switched back to using it as space key. I do not see any remnants of that config, but maybe there is something going on at a lower level?

  • Oliver

There is nothing special about the ctrl key.

Feel free to share your UserConfig, so we can look into it.

Did you map anything to Space on the Ctrl layer?

It’s hard to help you without having seen your configuration.

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You nailed it! It had assigned “space” rather than “ctrl-space” on the ctrl-layer. Thanks a lot!!

Normally I don’t assign anything on the Ctrl layer; I just leave it empty.

I believe I chose the “apply to all layers” options. Should not have done that. We learn from our mistakes. Thanks for the support!

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Well, I wonder if “apply to all layers” should really apply to modifier layers. (I wouldn’t expect that to happen, as clearly the results tend to be counterintuitive as well as probably undesired.) @mlac?

(Thanks for bringing this to attention, I was wondering why would anyone assign space in the ctrl layer and not realized their mistake!)

I agree. What is the desired behavior exactly? I assume Agent should remap on all layers except modifier layers. If the user is on a modifier layer, the current modifier layer should be affected along with every non-modifier layer.

Sounds good to me.

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"Remap on all layers" shouldn't remap modifier layers · Issue #2223 · UltimateHackingKeyboard/agent · GitHub created.